The Story of Nightingale’s Pantry: A Mennonite Store & Restaurant

Richard and Judy Nightingale never really dreamed Nightingale’s Pantry would become what it is today — a quality food store, fabric store, gift shop, and restaurant. The original dream was something much smaller. When cancer forced him out of the truck, Richard knew that he and Judy would need something to keep them both busy. They created a pantry and called it Nightingale’s Pantry — a small store on their farm just north of West Point.

In those early days, the only thing they offered was bulk foods, fabrics, deli meats and cheese, various gifts and other Amish made items. For a handful of years, they served their customers out of that “small store on the farm,” enjoying the opportunity to meet the people who came their way.

Shortly after Richard passed away in August 2010, the family opened its new location on the front portion of their property, right on US Highway 45 Alternate. The new Nightingale’s Pantry was much larger than the first, but still offered the same friendly service. The bulk foods were there as well as the fabrics and gifts, but the new location allowed them to also offer breakfast, lunch, and an expanded list of foods.

Today, Nightingale’s Pantry is busier than ever serving the people who make the drive out from West Point or those passerbys from miles away. And even though Nightingale’s Pantry has surpassed the original vision of its owners, the quality of service and quality of food has stayed just the same.

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